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I am married to my lovely Tom, and we've been together since November 2010.
I am mother to the above.
Jimmy is autistic.
I'm a reluctant SAHM.
I completed a BSc in Health and Social Care with the OU. I'm now doing an MA in history. My ultimate amibiton is to work in obstetrics, or medical records, or history, or all three. I would quite like to write history professionally, hence the MA. I blog about that, among other things.
I have a daft, old cat called Catface, who likes to sleep in my bed
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Love you in the morning, need you in the evening, think about you every night and day. When I get the money, we'll hit the ground running. I've got a feeling that our luck's gonna change.
Evening - Israel Nash Gripka

I've seen so much, and I've had dreams, but I can't tell you what they mean. And I've been far, too far to see, and where I've been is part of me
Elegy - Inspection 12

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